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Terms and requirements for submission of articles manuscripts for publication in the Journal ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’

In the Journal, articles on general issues of electromechanics, space monitoring systems, information & control and electromechanical complexes, methods for testing of products and equipment, electrical equipment and APP control and protection systems, reception and processing of space data, equipment related to electric pumps and equipment for oil and gas industry are published.

Main requirements for articles submitted for publication in the Journal

The article shall contain new scientific results.

The article shall fit the area of coverage and correspond to scientific standard
of the Journal.

The article shall be prepared in full compliance with articles submission requirements.

Article submission requirements for publication in the Journal

Relevant materials, containing the latest scientific and practical research results, corresponding to the journal’s profile, that have not yet been earlier published or handed to the secondary magazine editorial staff, are accepted for the publication in the ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’ journal.

Only the unrestricted materials are accepted for the publication in the ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’ journal. An article must be supported by the authors or organization representation letter, as well as an expert report, regarding the publication capabilities.

Editorial staff does not take cognizance of revising the scripts, handled against these regulations.

All articles must be submitted in a digital form (either CD-R (CD-RW) or e-mail), as well as the paper form. Paper form is signed by all authors, which indicates their agreement on the authority transfer for the article materials distribution, using both printed and digital data carriers. The maximum number of authors in an article must not exceed 5.

All authors must provide the following data to the journal’s editorial staff:

1. Text of the manuscript, printed in MS Word and further saved in the doc or docx formats.

2. Article title (both in Russian and in English).

3. Credits: Full name (both in Russian and in English), place of work (an accurate full name of the organization, in both Russian and English languages).

4. UDC (Universal Decimate Classification) number.

5. Annotation (over 100 words, both in Russian and in English).

6. Key words (over 100 characters, both in Russian and in English).

7. References. All links in the article are given in the square brackets.

8. Image – related texts (captions).

9. Graphic materials (charts, tables, diagrams, drawings, photographs, etc.) must be submitted in the separate files, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi, using one of the standard graphical formats (TIFF, JPEG), while the text on the drawings – Times New Roman, 10 pt. All tables must have a themed headline. Drawings, executed in MS Word, are unacceptable.

An overall size of the articles, all points considered, apart of the graphic materials, must not exceed 12 to 15 A4 series pages (Times New Roman font, 14 pt). Graphic matter size must not exceed 5 drawings, while their positions must be strictly determined. It’s also necessary to include links on the drawings and tables right in the text.

Links and / or references, applied to the article, should be processed according to the GOST (All-union State Standard) 7.0.5. – 2008. Bibliogpraphic reference. Basic compilation demands and regulations and GOST 7.1 – 2003. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. Genera demands and compilation rules.

It is also necessary to use Microsoft Equation 3.0. Formula editor for the formula and variables layout. Formulas, implemented as drawings, are unacceptable! All the Russian and Greek letters (Ω, η, β, μ, ω, υ, etc) in formulas must be printed, using a Roman script. All the trigonometric function values (sin, cos, tg etc.) – in Roman script. All the Latin letters – in italics. An article must include only the very essential formulas, while it’s highly recommended to avoid any midterm calculations.

Account must be taken of the fact, that the text-column width is 76 mm. If the formula or graphic material is too large, it is necessary to shrink it.

Ph. D. students are not charged for the publication.

Adresses of edition:

Legal: JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’, 4/1 Khoromny tupik, Moscow 107078

Russian Federation

Actual: JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’, 30 Volnaya st, Moscow

Tel.: (495) 365-30-63

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it