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Regulations for scientific and technical journal ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’

The journal ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’ has been published since 1959. From 1959 until 2001 the journal was issued in the form of a subject collection of scientific articles. Since 2001 the journal has been published under the title ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’.

The founder and the publisher of the scientific journal is Joint Company ‘Research and Production Corporation ‘Space Monitoring Systems, Information & Control and Electromechanical Complexes’ named after A.G. Iosifian’ (JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’). A brief history of JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’ can be found at

The Chief Editor of ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’ is the Director General of JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’ Leonid A. MAKRIDENKO, Doctor of Engineering Science, a winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize. L. A. MAKRIDENKO is the author of more than 90 scientific articles on the matters related to development and administration of complex technical and organizational systems in the contemporary context.

JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’ is one of the country’s leading research centers in the field of electromechanics and electrical engineering. It is the prime developer and manufacturer of hydrometeorological & oceanograpic, heliogeophysical and environmental monitoring space systems, as well as multi-purpose information & control and electromechanical complexes.

Articles on general matters of electromechanics, monitoring space systems, information & control and electromechanical complexes, as well as test methods, nuclear power plant electrical equipment and control & protection systems, space data collection and processing matters, electrical pumping and petroleum industry equipment, are published in the journal.

The journal is well known among the scientific community. Our authors are scientists and professionals working for JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’, as well as researches from other organizations and enterprises. More than 500 authors have been published in our columns.

The journal is intended for professionals and management of enterprises, leaders of state administration bodies, as well as for scientists, faculty members and students of technical universities.

‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’ is one of the few Russian periodicals dealing with the matters of electromechanics.

The editorial policy of the journal is to cover all basic trends of electromechanics and to publish articles addressing different topics within the subject area of the journal. The organizational and technological requirements, as well as requirements to content are defined in the Provisions of scientific and technical journal ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’.

Throughout their activities the editorial staff of the ‘Electromechanical matters. VNIIEM studies’ periodical, editors, reviewers and authors are guided by the principles of professional ethics according to the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics. An author (corporate author) publishing articles in the periodical bears primary responsibility for novelty and credibility of scientific investigation as well as for observation of principles to be followed by scientific article writers.

The headings of the journal are as follows:

  • general matters of electromechanics

  • space electromechanics, satellites, terrestrial-space research

  • product & equipment test methods

  • electromechanical equipment and automatic control systems

  • electromechanics and socio-economic development of the country

  • historical records of the national space meteorology.

Publication frequency: 6 times a year.

Distribution means:

  • subscription via postal service departments by selecting subscription index 87648 in the ‘Russian Press’ Catalogue

  • selective mail advertising to addressees from the database of JC ‘VNIIEM Corporation’

  • compulsory delivery to ITAR-TASS

  • ‘Russian Science Citation Index’ available via scientific electronic library (